If you’re bored on a Sunday night, go check out my bands new EP HERE

For fans of: The Swellers, Pentimento, Daylight, Gnarwolves and Safe to Say.

Sad Songs and Sing-Alongs, by Columbus

Hey friends,

My band just released our EP “Sad Songs and Sing-Alongs” (For fans of: Polar Bear Club, Lemuria, The Swellers and Transit). Pretty much a whole year of work from all of us involved.

If you could check it out and share it, that would mean the world to me!


My Band Just Released A New Song

If you could check it out, that would mean the world to me. We put a heap of effort into it, and just want to get it out to the world!

Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/columbusmakesmusic

Thanks heaps!

So I have a cool little (joke sort of) side project going with my buddy. Bass and drums punk. Check it out below!



"Left my wallet on the floor
In the last bar
And now I’m really really poor
Lost my mastercard

Yo, Could you give me five bucks, could you give me five bucks
for the cab ride home?

Lockout’s in a little while
Having a tac yac
Gonna go out in style
Where’s my flask at?

(Hey Mum, sorry to wake you…. could
you come pick me up?)”

Vote for my band "Columbus" to support Guttermouth.


If you could vote for my band to support Guttermouth, I’d be so stoked! Thanks :).

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